• craft wire coils in pink, yellow, orange, black, red and blue bright colors.
  • Six coils of aluminum craft wire painted in blue, brown, red, orange, silver, and green color
  • Four spools enameled craft wire and four coils enameled craft wire
  • floral arrangement and christmas wreaths made from PVC coated craft wire

Various Types of Craft Wire for Your Needs

Craft Wire is made of different kinds of metal wires, such as galvanized iron wire, aluminum wire, copper wire and so on. It is widely used in jewelry making, floral arrangement and many other crafts. To satisfy the needs of customers, our company provides different types of craft wire which is galvanized, silver plated, gold plated or enameled. Here is our products list:

 The stem of the flower is made from enameled craft wire.
  • Copper Craft Wire is made from copper wire or copper wire with a layer of fine silver coated. Copper craft wire is widely used in crafting projects, jewelry-making projects and also wirework projects.
  • Enameled craft wire is made from enameled copper wire or aluminum wire. It is permanently colored. This wire is ideal for various craft uses such as jewelry making and model making.
  • Aluminum Craft Wire makes a lightweight yet malleable wire that is easy to handle for jewelry making and other craft works.
  • PVC Coated Craft Wire is a kind of beautiful, firm and low-cost wire. It is widely used in floral arrangement and holiday decorations such as Christmas wreaths.
  • Paper Covered Craft Wire or paper covered floral wire is usually made of iron wire, galvanized wire or aluminum wire and then covered with a thin paper coating. It is a basic supply for flower arranging art, which is needed to create beautiful floral arrangements, wreaths and more.
  • Jewelry Wire is one of the most important elements for many kinds of jewelry. It is irreplaceable for making ear wires, jump rings, wire wrapped pendants, headpins and clasps. It is widely used in making necklace, bracelet and other jewelry.
  • Beading Wire is made of several strands of stainless steel, iron, copper or silver wire with nylon coated. It is specially designed for bead stringing.
  • Crinkle wire is made of gold or silver plated copper wire. The shape of the wire is zig-zag, so it is also can be called zig-zag wire. Crinkle wire can be easily be bent and formed into bows, curls and other designs. It is ideal for jewelry making, bead stringing, floral arrangement and holiday decorations.

Why Choose our Craft Wire?

Versatile Design
The craft wire varies in colors, shapes, hardness, sizes and inner metal materials. Due to the versatile design, craft wire is ideal for various applications, such as jewelry making, bead stringing, floral arrangement, model making, consumes and curtains decoration, holiday decorations, additions on invitations and notebooks and so on.

Competitive price

  • As a leader company in craft wire market, we can buy cheaper row materials.
  • We have our own factory to manufacture our own products with advanced equipment.
  • Self-marketing, no agents.

Professional Products and Good Service
In order to guarantee our quality, we introduced advance equipment. And our profession management and experienced stuffs can ensure quick delivering service and provide professional advice.

Hot Products

  • Craft Wire

    Craft wire made from different kinds of metal wire with enamel coating is widely used in jewelry making, floral arrangement and other crafts.

  • Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire

    Copper craft wire made from copper wire or copper wire coated with silver is widely used in jewelry-making projects and other wirework projects.

  • Enameled Craft Wire

    Enameled craft wire made from copper wire or aluminum wire is enameled with various colors. It is widely used in jewelry making and other craft.

  • Aluminum Craft Wire

    Aluminum craft wire made of silver plated, anodized or dyed aluminum wire is widely used in jewelry making and other crafts.

Technology List

  • Know More about Craft Wire

    When we choose the proper craft wire, we must take three points into consideration. They are gauge, shape and hardness.