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Crinkle Wire Improves Floral Arrangement

Crinkle wire is made of gold or silver plated copper wire. The shape of the wire is zig-zag, so it is also can be called zig-zag wire. Crinkle wire can be easily bent and formed into bows, curls and other designs. It is ideal for jewelry making, bead stringing, floral arrangement and holiday decorations.

Different colors of crinkle wires: purple, green, pink, red, blue, etc.

Different colors of crinkle wires available.


  • The wire is soft and easy to shape and design.
  • High gloss finish and non-tarnish.
  • The silver or gold coating provides high corrosion resistance.
  • Ageing resistant and eco-friendly, no harm to human.
  • Good tolerance for high temperature.
  • Different colors, shapes and sizes available.
  • Long service life.
Gold round crinkle wire on spools.

Round crinkle wire is ideal for stringing beads and making jewelry.

Flat green crinkle wires are easy to bent and curled.

Flat crinkle wire is ideal for many different decorations.


  • Name: crinkle wire, zig-zag wire.
  • Material: silver or gold plated wire.
  • Diameter: 0.3mm - 0.9mm (round wire).
  • Gauge: 20# - 32#.
  • Width: 3mm - 5mm (flat wire).
  • Shape: round and flat.
  • Color: purple, green, pink, red, blue, etc.
  • Packing Details:
    Round wire on spool: 50g/spool, 100g/spool.
    Flat wire bundles: 20pcs/bundle, 30pcs/bundle.
The pink crinkle wire makes the flowers more beautiful.

Crinkle wire can be used for floral arrangement.


  • Crinkle wire is widely used in jewelry making, bead stringing and may other applications.
  • It is also can be used in floral arrangement.
  • It is also good decoration for Christmas tree.
  • The wire can be added to scrapbooks, invitations, and cards.

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