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Jewelry Wire - Requirement for Pretty Jewelry

Jewelry Wire is one of the most important elements for many kinds of jewelry. It is irreplaceable for making ear wires, jump rings, wire wrapped pendants, headpins and clasps. It is widely used in making necklace, bracelet and other jewelry

Types of Jewelry Wire

The most commonly used jewelry wires are copper, silver and gold. All the wires can be enameled many different colors.

  • Copper Wire
    Copper wire is cheap, easily found and it is soft and pliable to use. It is a good wire to practice with.
  • Silver Wire
    Silver coated wire is very easy to get. It is usually made from sterling silver over a copper core and is easy to use and relatively cheap.
  • Sterling Silver Wire is one of most popular types of wire because it works the best for many jewelry pieces. Sterling indicates that the wire is 92.5% pure silver. The rest is made up of alloys (such as copper or zinc) to provide strength but will cause tarnish easily, so it should be kept in zip lock bags or sealed containers when not using it.
  • Fine Silver Wire is made of 99.9% pure silver. It is softer than sterling silver wire. Because it has fewer alloys, it doesn’t tarnish as quickly as sterling silver wire does.
  • Gold Wire
    Pure gold wire is very expensive and hard to find, alternatives are Gold Plated Wire and Gold-filled Wire.
  • Gold plated wire and Gold-filled Wire both have a layer of 10k or higher gold on a core of base metal, usually copper. When the gold account is over 1/20, the wire can be called gold-filled.
Two rolls of copper jewelry wires.

Copper jewelry wire is cheap and easy to find.

Two rolls of silver coated jewelry wires.

Silver coated jewelry wires are coiled in rolls.

Gold plated jewelry wire is rolled on a spool.

Gold plated jewelry wire is expensive and not easy to find.


  • Name: Jewelry wire.
  • Material: copper, silver or other alloy wire, gold.
  • Diameter: 0.3mm - 2.0mm.
  • Gauge: 13# - 30#
  • Surface Treatment: silver or gold coated.
  • Shape: round, half-round, flat.
  • Hardness: soft, half-hard.
  • Colors: silver, gold, copper, green, purple, brass, red and so on.
  • Packing Details:
    On spool: 25g/spool, 50g/spool, 100g/spool, 50m/spool, 100 m/spool.
    In Roll: 25g/50g/100g/roll, 3 yards/roll
Four different colors of jewelry wires are rolled on spools.

Jewelry wire can be packed on spools.

This beautiful necklace is made of silver jewelry wire.

Jewelry wire is can be used to make jewelry such as necklaces and rings.


  • Jewelry wire is strong and flexible which are perfect for bead stringing and jewelry making.
  • Thick wires (1.5mm - 2.0mm) are commonly used in projects that need to be very rigid, for example bangles, neck wires and clasps that taking a lot of weight.
  • Sturdy wires (1.0mm - 1.25mm) are good for making medium duty clasps, large jump rings and chain mail.
  • General purpose wires (0.5mm - 0.8mm) are good for making simple loops, head pins, eye pins and jump rings.
  • Fine Wires (0.3mm - 0.4mm) are good for making beaded angels and snowflakes.

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